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I knew what to do. My instructions were very clear. I was traveling by train to meet my teacher in Birmingham, he had told me to dress like a cake, and I've seen every inch pie times more on my computer too short, a sexporntube ' flash' of the tops of my socks were that I 'm used to. It was hot as hell during the sexporntube whole trip. I was in touch with my teacher sexporntube on the trip through the text. His messages to ensure that my juices flowing and I'm a little scared. Although I trust him completely, has a way of me a little about what will happen soon I fear. But I can not get enough of it. was fit, hot with anticipation as the train reached the station blow up New Street. Although eager to see my love again I felt a little nervous, I was waiting for me to wait. I went to the station, where his text message said it expected, and looked around, I saw it! Then I felt a tap on the back of sexporntube my bodand it was he who was so excited and experienced. I walked directly to sexporntube the taxi rank - he was rehearsing his instructions before in my head and I knew what to do next. Master did not say a word, he had to. His instructions were clear before, as soon as the taxi began to move, I took off my thong. I picked my nose and sniffed deeply, I told my teacher, ' is very humid and salty knew ' (I was talking loudly, so that the driver is listening on the situation), and then handed it over and examined was before he put the belt in his bag. After the following statement that brought the dress to her waist and opened my legs. He stuck his finger in my vagina to see if it was wet. I was very wet! He raised his hand over my mouth and licked my fingers clean. I wonder what the taxi driver. After my third statement, I said to my Lord : 'If I am a good sub ​​, you said you teach me to back of the throat ' We have my master asEnglish capital, which is a fifth floor apartment very popular with a balcony that overlooked was another block. In the bedroom is my collar and leash attached and then the wrist and ankle cuffs and then blindfolded (these are all elements that make me confirm sexporntube my submission and obedience). Now sexporntube I have to perform the mercy of my Lord, what I wanted was that 's where I was when I'm away from him. was by the collar and leash in the room, not knowing the layout of the house. I was told that my legs and arms against a glass. I had no idea that the glass was in the French doors to the terrace. I was standing outside the house, the apartments across the street is overlooked. My pussy was then the finger - fuck, for all to see After a while, I was led into a chair, open my sexporntube legs and arms still restricted, Master began, my pussy lashes with a whip. The excitement was like no other before in my life. My juices running and dripping from the chair, and soil. Master then released me and allowed me to hand to use the vibrator on me. I later learned that at this time, but left the room again until the curtains opened the French doors to the terrace. With the light on, who knows who is looking at me across the street from the apartments, as I took it with a plastic instrument. Certainly not, but I do not care! A then gave instructions on all fours on the sexporntube chair and bend over. The vibrator was trapped in the swollen lips and in the anal beads themselves were thrown inside. I came again and again. Master allowed me a short period of time to recover before he made ​​me sit on my deep throat training. I did not do very well. I could get a lot of my Master 's cock in my mouth before you start to vomit. But he was generous and allows me to practice more. I did however give a blow job worth. The spa cum in my mouth, my tongue blindfolded and myCabello. I was instructed to 'hold' his sperm into my mouth, as he took pictures, I've seen since then and I love the fox that I see in them. Master told me, he took the photos to share with a young female, which it communicates. This made me feel even more use of it at will. When he was finally freed from the bondage of my master took me to the bedroom and took me long and hard in many positions, before he returned to take sexporntube his cum in my mouth and swallowed it. was a wonderful evening ! I am honored that I have to please my master, wherever he chooses for sexporntube me. He looks after me so well and would never hurt me. I would do anything he asked. My third test is expected to soon -I can not wait !
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